Infant Program

At this stage in a child’s life, they rely on learning through their five senses, using their hands to explore their surroundings.

They begin to develop trust, begin to socialize through smiling. As they begin to communicate their needs, children develop self-confidence, they begin to understand that words have meaning and people will respond to their sounds. The physical movement consists of sitting, crawling and learning to transfer things from one hand to another.

Cognitive skills

By encouraging your child to play with various soft musical toys, washable stuffed animals and rattles

Social Emotional skills

With our caregivers providing tender loving care, cuddles, referring to children by their name and communication between the caregiver and the child, being nurturing and encouraging.

Communication skills

Talking, singing, reading and naming of objects on a daily basis. As well as cardboard picture books, a variety of musical tapes and puppets.

Motor skills

Fine and gross motor skills are practiced as well as grasping toys, rattles, teething rings, play gyms, vinyl mats and push and pull toys.

Our staff will meet all the needs of your child which includes: feeding, diapering, sleeping and TLC


At 12 months, children explore their environment more and are increasingly purposeful to find the meaning in events, objects and words as they attempt to discover how the world around them works.

They develop a sense of identity and self and begin to realise their own individuality. They understand the power of words and the importance of written words and develop a vocabulary. Children are learning as they discover through physical development. Self confidence develops as motor skills become better. Children enjoy repetition such as dumping and filling and eye co-ordination is developing.

Cognitive skills

Our caregivers allow children to explore the environment while supervising and encouraging their play. Books, classical music, pattern-making materials, matching manipulatives and interlocking toys that can be taken apart and put back together.

Social Emotional skills

Our caregivers nurture children throughout the day both verbally and non-verbally; we allow time for dramatic play providing our children, time to make friends and develop and establish postive emotions.

Communication skills

We seek to expand your child’s words, read sing and use gestures as well as words to communicate. Books, nursery rhymes, records, tapes, puppets and flannel board stories are examples of suggested materials.

Physical skills

We allow time for children to walk, climb, run, jump and dance. Improving gross and fine motor skills.

Terrific Twos Program

Children develop reasoning and problem solving skills.

They begin to think for themselves, and work out problems mentally rather than through trial and error. They begin to develop stronger social bonds and their communication and reading skills. Vocabulary, memory and speech are increased by labelling items in books and asking questions. Physically eye-hand; co-ordination, pre-writing skills, large muscle skills and gross motor skills are increasing.

Cognitive skills

Allows children to attempt to work out problems on their own, create and explore. Suggested materials include books, large pegs to group, sort and stack, large crayons, markers paints and paint brushes.

Social Emotional skills

Our caregivers encourage cooperative and individual learning opportunities as well as creative expression. Provide opportunities for dramatic play with simple themes and props. Children are allowed to make choices on activities.

Communication skills

We believe in talking positively to your child in statements that allow your child to respond back. Introduce your child to written words and other literacy based materials, and sing throughout the day. We allow child to make choices on activities. We seek to establish eye contact when talking to children and use picture books and short story books with repetition and rhymes, poems and finger play

Physical skills

We allow children to run throw, catch, jump, climb, ride on riding toys and make choices on activities. Low climbing structures, riding toys, balls, puzzles and books.

Early Preschool

Children are able to symbolically represent objects they focus on one aspect of a situation, and reason of a situation and reason from particular to particular.

Their peers become increasingly important and they see the need to develop a positive self concept. Children also begin to think out loud and talk themselves through situations. They can represent their thoughts and feelings verbally, physically they are still perfecting their gross and fine motor skills and develop competence and confidence in their abilities.

Cognitive skills

We provide opportunities for children to sort and classify objects. Books construction materials, making puzzles, playing musical instruments, music and simple games.

Social Emotional skills

We seek to encourage cooperative and individual learning opportunities, as well as creative expressions. We look to provide opportunities for dramatic play with simple themes and props, we allow children to make choices on activities.

Communication skills

We believe that our caregivers should talk clearly to the children in our care, using simple and positive language.

Preschool Program

Go beyond academics to promote social and emotional development, creativity, and positive approaches to learning while encouraging a preschooler's playfulness.

Compliant with the Head Start Performance Standards, Curriculum for Pre-K: Framework helps children achieve the readiness skills needed for kindergarten.

• Language Development & Literacy
• Creative Expression
• Counting, Sorting & Patterning
• Numbers
• Alphabet
• Words

• Positional Concepts & One-to-One Correspondence
• Science
• Shapes & Colors
• Health & Safety
• Independent Thinking


We currently only operate a Private Pre-K program. The following are part of the Pre-K program.

• Science
• Music
• Art
• Computer-Based Learning

• Pre-Math
• Grammar
• Outdoor Play

About Us

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